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SEI-TAI Japanese Remedial Therapy

For people with chronic pain conditions or have tried other therapies but that hasn't worked well and looking for something different to sort their issues


Japanese Remedial Therapy facilitates the healing process by manipulating in the physical system so that the body can move to its optimal level of balance from where it is able to access its inherent ability to heal itself.

SEI-TAI therapy is gentle for all ages, adolescence, pregnancy, mid-life and older age. It is safe, completely natural and non-invasive.

Japanese Remedial Therapy is not like deep tissue massage with undressing, oils and firm pressure. It is done by gentle pressure through the clothes without oils.

Japanese Remedial Therapy can alleviate a large variety of illnesses and conditions such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic physical pain(migraines, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain). 

Join us and give yourself a chance to be amazed by the difference our treatment can make in your mind and body.

"SEI-TAI" therapy treatment photos & videos


Treatment/Consultation: 60 mins 
Fee: $85          *Most private health fund rebates available 
Our treatment and consultation


Analysis of the contribution of underlying impairments (which could be articular, neural, myofascial or visceral) impacting the alignment, biomechanics and control.


Use clinical reasoning to develop sound hypothesis that explains pain or stiffness.


Use appropriate technique to release muscle tension, joint immobility, suboptimal movement pattarn and more.

4:Task check

We always check your movement, quality/quantity of pain each time to find out the outcome of the treatment to make sure you get a result.

What to expect during Treatment/Consultation


SEI-TAI Japanese Remedial Therapy focuses on pain relief and we believe that getting to know about your condition is really important for a better result, so we take time for history take and an assessment.

You will remain dressed, preferably in loose-fitting, flexible clothing. Much of the work is on the table, but sometimes we sit or stand. I may direct you to move parts of your body to help reset your movement patterns and refine local awareness.

Private Health Funds Rebate

We are registered for health fund rebates for our massage services with most 
Australian private health funds.
Please contact your health fund if you are unsure your plan covers massage treatments.
  • ACA Health Benefits Funds

  • Australian Health Management (AHM)

  • Australian Unity

  • BUPA

  • CBHS Health Fund Limited

  • Cessnock & District Health Benefits Fund  

  • CUA Health (Remedial Only)

  • Defence Health (Remedial Only)

  • GMHBA (Includes Frank Insurance)

  • GMF Health

  • GU Health

  • HBF

  • Health Care Insurance Limited

  • Pty Ltd

  • Health Insurance Fund (HIF)

  • Latrobe Health Services (Federation Health)​

  • Mildura District Hospital Fund

  • Navy Health Fund

  • NIB Health

  • Onemedifund

  • Peoplecare Health Insurance

  • Phoenix Health Fund

  • Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd

  • Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd

  • Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd » St Luke’s Health

  • The Doctor's Health Fund

  • Teacher’s Federation Health

  • Teacher’s Union Health

  • Transport Health

  • Westfund (Remedial Only)

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