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Mr J   Age 56

Hip much freer + not painful, overall, much better health and relaxed.

Yuri has a lovely, friendly professional manner + has great knowledge of how the body points interrelate to conditions of the body

I went to Yuri's practice for my head, neck and shoulder pains, also for my chronic lower-back pain since I was a high-school student.

After a few treatments, I found that this was my favourite style of massage.

Yuri examined whole my body, not just problem areas, and found out the points which were causing my pains and problems.

I loved it because it definitely and surprisingly worked on my problem areas and my whole body!

I could move much better, the pain was reduced and the feeling of carrying something heavy had gone; I felt much lighter. I also felt more confident about moving. Before treatment I had felt a lot of trepidation about making any movement because it might hurt;  this meant that I was not moving naturally and therefore probably making my condition worse. In addition, because Yuri had done such a thorough assessment, she was able to describe exactly what the problem was, and so, for the first time, I really understood what was causing me such pain and this made me feel better mentally.

Mrs A   Age 40
Mrs R    Age 68
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